The Dojo is a positive community. We have made a commitment to being a welcoming and friendly place in the craft world. Yet the Dojo is live—it’s real-time—therefore there will be the occasional issue that may arise and need to be dealt with. Thankfully, most of the issues are minor and pass quickly. If you are aware or feel there is a major issue requiring the Dojo staff take action, please mail us with the specifics so we can take a look into it: [email protected].

To help folks better understand the boundaries on the Cigar Dojo app, we have come up with this list of five things we do not allow on the Dojo. If any member engages in these practices, we may disable their account without warning or explanation.

[spoiler title=”Primary Rules” class=”my-custom-spoiler”]

  1. Thou shall not post vulgar/profane images or comments on the Dojo.
  2. Thou shall not post insulting or threatening comments about other members or non-members on the Dojo (keep in mind, it can be hard to determine the difference between jokes and real insults, please let us know if you feel you are being harassed).
  3. No stalking of other members. If there is a member you do not like, ignore them! If you hound or stalk another Dojo member and comment on all of their posts just to cause trouble, we will disable your account.
  4. No fake accounts. Even if you are trying to have harmless fun, we no longer allow fake accounts. This applies to any account that is intended to make you appear as someone you are not (imitation celebrities, imitation Dojo members, etc.). Not only will we disable the fake account but we may also disable your regular account as well.
  5. Negativity and divisiveness. The Dojo is a place for positive vibes throughout the community. If you are a negative influence and are being divisive or merely stirring the pot, we will disable your account.


[spoiler title=”Contests” class=”my-custom-spoiler” anchor=”contests”]This contest and other contests on the Dojo website and Dojo app are NOT sponsored by Apple inc. or any of it’s partners in any way. Estimated retail value of prizes $150.00. No substitution, transfer, or cash equivalent of prizes by any winner. No purchase necessary. Winners MUST email their name and shipping address to [email protected] – failure to claim prize within seven (7) days from the win date shall be deemed null and void and shall result in forfeiture. Must be 21 or older to participate. Odds of winning depend on number of customer entries, winners picked at random contestants may have multiple entries. Taxes and fees, if any, are the responsibility of the winner. Employees of are ineligible. This contest is void where prohibited by law and subject to local, state and federal law. Only original images or original compositions will be considered in the final selections. We are not responsible for prizes that may become lost or damaged during shipping. Many will enter, few will win.

Please note that to enter most craft related product giveaways you must be 21 years old (or the minimum age in your local jurisdiction, whichever is higher).[/spoiler]

[spoiler title=”Bombing/Gifting Etiquette” class=”my-custom-spoiler”]The definition of a “Bomb” in the craft community is an unsolicited/unexpected gift from one B/SOTL to another. These gifts can be cigars or anything craft related, such as accessories, etc. A trade between two individuals is often mistaken for a bomb. This, however, is not the case. A circumstance where one would choose to add additional items or accessories to an already agreed-upon fair exchange (or trade) would then be considered to some degree a bomb. A bomb should only be given out of the kindness of one’s heart, without the expectation of reciprocation (return fire). The bombee should never feel obligated to return fire; although, many times, return fire is inevitable.

If you are looking to get into the bombing game simply to get free stuff, you should NOT get in the game! Bombing is about giving, NOT receiving.

Some simple bomb etiquette (dos/don’ts) to consider while on the Dojo include:

DO: Ask around for addresses if you would like to bomb someone. Always best to exchange this personal information through private email for privacy reasons.

DO NOT: Ask around for addresses because you would “Like to send and RECEIVE bombs”. This should always be a means of sharing the leaf with fellow B/SOTL, and never a means of personal gain. That’s what TRADES are for.

DO: Suggest a fellow B/SOTL that is deserving of a good bombing to anyone looking for a target. This is the highest form of brother/sisterhood, and good Karma has its ways of paying forward…

DO NOT: Give anyone’s address out without first getting their approval. (There are creative ways to gain this permission without giving up all the details) Privacy is important and we should not abuse this.

DO: Send well stored and packaged items that have been inspected for contamination of any kind before packaging. (Mold, cracked wrappers, beetle holes are major things to look out for) This can really cause a problem!

DO NOT: Send damaged items, dried out items, or items that you would not like to receive yourself. This is a kind act from one B/SOTL to another, not a means of unloading your garbage. Save these for that friend that always forgets his travel humi at home when he comes to a HERF!

DO: Post a photo and thank the person in the Dojo that send the bomb. Its his/her god given right to feel the love after such a SELFLESS act!

DO NOT: Criticize any bomb posted in the Dojo. Not everyone has the same tastes and its a diverse community.

TIP- Because you never really know the condition in which these items were stored. It is suggested that one of two things are done when items are received:

1. Store any traded or gifted items in a segregated humidor. assures you will not contaminate your prized stash with unwanted contaminates.


2. Place items in a freezer bag and in the freezer for a few days followed by a couple days in the refrigerator then into your humidor. This is the suggested method of preventing cross contamination of beetles.

And remember…

This is a giving community. Nothing feels better than to share a fine craft item with a friend, and what better place to enjoy this feeling than in the Dojo? If I may suggest a great way to begin sending gifts to fellow B/SOTL. Start with a small trade. This allows you a chance to feel an individual out for their taste in craft items, and gain their mailing address. After the first exchange then its game on. A few trades here and there and next thing you know its an all out battlefield. BOOM![/spoiler]

[spoiler title=”PIF” class=”my-custom-spoiler”]The idea of PIF (Pay It Forward) was found in other forums and tailored for the Dojo environment. It consists of a chain of cigar giving with zero expectations of return. Essentially, its main purpose is to bring the brotherhood/sisterhood back into the B/SOTL community. This should be a community of sharing the craft with no expectations in return.

A PIF can be started by anyone at any time and has the ability to continue forever (theoretically), should the people involved keep it alive.

Step 1: (PIF STARTER) This is the person that creates the PIF thread with a simple post that contains “PIF” and a question, such as “Who wants my sticks?” He will also monitor and keep track of the PIF chain. The PIF STARTER should also set a time limit so as to not create a chain so long that it can no longer be managed. It’s also recommended that you hold off on any comments within this thread that may clutter and cause confusion. *Save contact info for later (Step 3)*

EXAMPLE POST: JOHN — “PIF… Who wants my sticks?”

*NOTE* the PIF STARTER is the ultimate B/SOTL in the thread—they are the only one that will not receive items because they are the very first link in the chain.

Step 2: (The chain) The first person to reply to the PIF post will accept the sticks from the PIF starter and within the same post offer sticks to the next. Please be sure to include the name of the person you are accepting the PIF from. In the case that multiple members post at once, the STARTER will then realign the members in the order they posted. This process continues with each PIF accepted, as long as the PIF STARTER allows or the thread dies off.

EXAMPLE COMMENT: TOM — “I’ll take them John, Who wants my sticks?”

Step 3: THE PIF STARTER will then post a complete list of the PIF chain on the Dojo (a screen shot or text) along with a set shipping deadline that everyone is to ship by. THE PIF STARTER will also charge the final person in the chain with starting the next PIF the following week (essentially keeping each PIF alive forever) *Within this post, all members involved will exchange contact info*

Step 4: Shipments are made


There are only 6 rules to the PIF process:

  1. Return fire is not permitted in a PIF event.
  3. Do not start a PIF event if you do not have the free time to moderate it within the timeframe given.
  4. Do not volunteer to be involved in a PIF event if you cannot deliver the goods.
  5. Do not use this as an opportunity to rid yourself of any dog rockets you have floating around in your humidor. This is about sharing the leaf—treat your recipient with respect and send him/her something you would be happy to receive yourself.
  6. Ship by the posted deadline.


Book of Dojo

[spoiler title=”Chapter 1 – Legit checkins” class=”my-custom-spoiler”]When checking into a cigar only do so when you are actually smoking the cigar. Don’t add checkins just to checkin. Make your checkins legit.


[spoiler title=”Chapter 2 – Once is Enough” class=”my-custom-spoiler”]When smoking a cigar only check into it once, not multiple times for the same smoking session. However this rule has an exception. If while smoking the cigar your rating changes from thumbs up to thumbs down or vice versa you can checkin again to re-rate the cigar.


[spoiler title=”Chapter 3 – Gently help other members” class=”my-custom-spoiler”]As a community we need to shape it and mold it how we want our community to be. Sensei prefers a self policing system. And to get there we all need to play a part. All the Sensei asks is that we do so with the utmost respect for each other. In other words…. be nice when you remind people of the rules.


[spoiler title=”Chapter 4 – It’s a Marathon not a sprint” class=”my-custom-spoiler”]Don’t rush to make more posts than necessary. Create a well crafted posts that generate conversation. After all, posts with many responses and conversation are the highest point generators. SECRET: There is a points bonus if a post garners a certain number of responses. Therefore it behooves you to converse with others in your posts to create conversation.


[spoiler title=”Chapter 5 – Patience Grasshopper” class=”my-custom-spoiler”]Keep in mind the Dojo has been around since 2012. That’s almost 10 years. And we plan to be around for at least another 10 years therefore there is no rush to gain points. Just participate, have fun, and the points, belts, and badges will come. It’s a long game and if you rush it you will miss the point of the community.


[spoiler title=”Chapter 6 – Relax” class=”my-custom-spoiler”]The Dojo is not a race. There is no prize for having the most points. Relax, have fun, go at your own pace, and support one another – especially those that support the Dojo community.


[spoiler title=”Chapter 7 – No like own posts” class=”my-custom-spoiler”]Liking your own posts is a well-known social media “no no”.


[spoiler title=”Chapter 8 – No chase points” class=”my-custom-spoiler”]If you are only interested in collecting all the points you can collect daily you are missing the point of this community. Participate in the community! Have fun. The points will be a reflection of how active you are in the community.


[spoiler title=”Chapter 9 – Social Sharing” class=”my-custom-spoiler”]A great way to earn points more quickly is to share your badges and belt accomplishments from the Dojoverse timeline to Facebook and Twitter.


[spoiler title=”Chapter 10 – Make Meaningful Conversation” class=”my-custom-spoiler”]Please do not simply respond to every post with the same short response. Attempt to make meaningful conversation.


[spoiler title=”Chapter 11 – Don’t be a dick” class=”my-custom-spoiler”]The Dojo community is known for is warm and welcoming disposition. Be friendly to other members and if you have an issue with another member simply scroll on past! Or you can also block a member if you don’t want to see their posts.