Make Dojoverse an app (iPhone)

  1. Direct browser to on Safari app.
  2. Click button at bottom-center of screen (looks like a square with an arrow pointing up).
  3. Scroll down and click “Add to Home Screen”.
  4. Name app and/or click “done”.

Dojoverse - Add to Home iPhone

Make Dojoverse an app (Android)

  1. Direct browser to on browser (Chrome, etc.) app.
  2. Click three-dot button at top-right of screen.
  3. Click “Install app.”
  4. Click “Install.”
  5. Find app in App Drawer.

Dojoverse - Add to Home Android

Cigar Checkin with Image

  1. From the main timeline, click “+” icon followed by “Cigar Checkin” icon
  2. Search for your cigar
  3. Rate cigar (*not required)
  4. Add text to post
  5. Click “Camera” icon
  6. Take photo or choose from photo library
  7. Select photo
  8. Click “Post update”

*Note: GIF below may take a few moments to load.


Quickly go back/forth between pages (mobile)
Drag from the far left edge of the screen to the right to go back to the previous page. Drag from the far right edge to the left to go forward.


Go to top of timeline (mobile)
From anywhere within the app, click the Sensei logo in the header to be taken to the top of the main timeline.


Refresh page (mobile)
From the top of the main timeline, pull down to refresh. Currently, this only works on main timeline but will be added across app in future.


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