Are adult-rated images acceptable?

We have a diverse membership on the Dojo and we want all of our members, men and women, to feel comfortable. Therefore, no X-rated images are allowed.

Posting vulgar images on the Dojo will lead to your account being suspended.

Are adult themed groups acceptable?

Even if your group is hidden we do not allow porn and vulgar material posted on the Dojoverse. Server space is expensive the last thing we want to be doing is paying money to store porn images.

Are vulgar comments acceptable?

We do not allow vulgar and profane comments to be posted on the Dojo. We have a very diverse membership at the Dojo and we would like to be an inviting place for everyone.

TIP: If what you have to say would be inappropriate at your local lounge among a group of men and women patrons, then it would also be inappropriate here on the Dojo.

The current Cigar Dojo software automatically bleeps-out explicit content for this reason.

The cigar I want to check-in to isn't available on Dojoverse
With the thousands upon thousands of cigars in existence, there’s bound to be some missing on our list.

If you’d like to check-in to a cigar that’s not on the list, feel free to message @JordanG within the app or email us at [email protected]

Include as much info as possible, including an image, the cigar’s title, and any/all inscriptions on the cigar’s band(s).

Can I post stock imagery/memes?
In Cigar Dojo 2.0, this question is largely answered with the added implementing of gifs that are now built into the software. This is our suggested method of posting such content.

Otherwise, We would prefer that the images that you post on the Dojo are your own images that you have taken with your phone’s camera.

While the occasional meme or stock image might be entertaining, we would prefer if this type of posting were few and far between.

This also applies to contests on the Dojo. Entries that have been copied from other sources will not be considered.

Why isn't my shop/lounge listed?
All locations are imported from Google Places. Verify that your business is approved and listed by Google and then you will be able to check into the location on Cigar Dojo.

Once a location has been checked into by a Dojo user, it will then be listed in our Places page.

Can other bloggers and websites mention their articles on the Dojo?
Yes and no.

We certainly don’t mind if a blogger or website owner introduces themselves and occasionally provides a URL to his/her site and other relevant material. We are craft lovers too, so we enjoy seeing what others have to say about cigars, coffee, cocktails, and more.

However, if a blogger is only promoting his/her site and is becoming a distraction to the Dojo, we will ask that the member tone down the promotional posts.

Moderation is key in this regard.

How can I get my event added to the events list?
Events are added by the Dojo admin, contact us to have your event added: [email protected]