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Flavor Odyssey – Dogma Sun Grown & Bourbon

Wednesday, August 19th, the Odyssey continues… Coinciding with Cigar Dojo’s monumental collaborative release of the Undercrown Dogma Sun Grown, this week’s pairing features this cigar with Master Sensei’s drink of choice: bourbon! Helping to sort this pairing out, special guest Jack Heyer of Drew Estate will be joining us live. Those that ordered Dogma Sun Grown through last month’s pre-sale are encouraged to light up a Dogma and pour a healthy glass of America’s finest spirit. And if you don’t have the new Dogma, the traditional Undercrown Sun Grown will work just fine. It’s nothing but full-throttled flavor this week, but will the two pair harmoniously? Join us for the results!

August 19, 2020 @ 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm