Esteban Carreras 187




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Maduro Wrapper Shade
Medium-Full Body
Tabacalera Carreras S.A.


  1. The 187 by Esteban Carrara , was one of the first three cigars i had ever smoked. My first experience with the 187 was purely by chance, a friend simply said “that’s a great smoke right there.” He wasnt recommending it for me to smoke at the time, since I was only about 2 weeks into my journey with cigars. Unfortunately, I didn’t appreciate the experience. I actually struggled a lot with the pepper tones while thinking to myself “ Now I get why they named it the 187 , cause it will killed you”. I didn’t know any better and I didn’t think twice about the 187 until a bundle of them arrived at the shop, that had been aged in the factory for 9 years, the wrapper was dark and yellow, and there was a rich, evocative aroma with an almost, old money essence to it. The distinguished smell of an a vintage leather book, with fragrance carried tenderly on the breeze as it passes through the freshly harvested barley fields, greeting me as a child standing with grandmother on her farm. Instantly, I was transported to that moment. deciding to myself “even if I never smoked them, I could always use them to time travel back to this moment”. Some time went by and I felt that my palate was finally evolving to a point to try again. I was amazed at he the difference. The slow aging process had enhanced the cigar on an entirely different level. Unbelievably smooth, the spiciness had softened, the notes of chocolate, cream, nuts and cedar have all matured and the taste of caramel melting in your mouth is prominent throughout the cigar. The retro-hale delivered refined notes of leather and wood. The aging process has transformed this cigar into a masterpiece. The symphony created by aging , combined with the nostalgic aroma, and the au fait craftsmanship, elevates the 187 to a truly undeniable luxury experience. Hands down, one of the best. The 1995 Dom Pérignon of the Esteban Carrera collection.