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CAO Flathead




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  1. CAO Flathead 660: A Bold Ride Through Flavorful Roads

    Rating: ★★★★☆

    In the world of cigars, the CAO Flathead 660 stands out like a classic car on an open road. This robust beauty promises a journey of bold flavours and memorable experiences, capturing the essence of a powerful engine and the thrill of a smooth ride. As I delve into this smoking adventure, I find myself intrigued by the anticipation of a rich and intricate flavour profile.

    The CAO Flathead 660’s appearance is reminiscent of a finely tuned automobile, boasting a dark and alluring wrapper that hints at the bold journey ahead. Its box-pressed shape adds a touch of uniqueness, reminiscent of vintage automobiles’ squared design. The band, with its metallic accents, exudes a sense of class and craftsmanship.

    Upon examination, it’s evident that the CAO Flathead 660 is crafted with precision. The wrapper is seamlessly applied, and the cigar feels substantial in hand, promising a satisfying smoke. The firmness is consistent along the length, showcasing its well-packed tobacco leaves.

    Flavour Profile:
    The initial draw reveals a burst of peppery spice, much like the rev of a powerful engine. This quickly settles into a symphony of flavours that include rich dark chocolate, hints of coffee beans, and a touch of earthiness. The interplay of these notes is reminiscent of a complex road, offering unexpected twists and turns along the way.

    As the smoke progresses, the flavours evolve gracefully. The cocoa and coffee notes remain steady, but there’s a subtle introduction of leather and oak, adding depth to the overall profile. This well-balanced combination keeps the palate engaged and intrigued.

    In the final third, the CAO Flathead 660 takes a smoother turn, with the spiciness mellowing out to make way for a sweeter and creamier finish. The nutty undertones blend seamlessly with the lingering chocolate notes, culminating in a satisfying conclusion.

    The aroma of the CAO Flathead 660 is inviting and robust, mirroring the flavours to come. A mixture of cocoa, espresso, and a hint of toasted wood creates an ambiance that enhances the overall experience.

    Burn and Draw:
    The burn of the CAO Flathead 660 is commendably even, requiring only minimal touch-ups. The ash holds solidly, showcasing the cigar’s construction quality. The draw is smooth, allowing for a steady and effortless flow of smoke.

    The CAO Flathead 660 is a cigar that promises a ride through a landscape of bold and nuanced flavours. Much like a classic car enthusiast savors the journey, this cigar invites aficionados to relish the complexity it offers. From its appearance to its construction and flavour profile, it’s an experience worth savoring. With its blend of robustness and balance, I award the CAO Flathead 660 a solid four-star rating. This cigar is a journey for the palate that offers the thrill of exploration, much like a scenic drive down an open road.