Cigar Dojo 2.0 AKA Dojoverse

Welcome to the new home for the Dojo community. The new version of Cigar Dojo is no longer an app-store app. Instead, it’s a progressive web app, with means it functions exactly like an app when you add the icon to your home screen.

Apple and Google no longer want cigar apps in their app stores, therefore we had to take a different route.

The good news is the “Dojoverse” is full of fun and exciting new features such as:

  • Cigar Checkins (rate and share with the community)
  • User Belts (work your way to black belt and beyond)
  • Badges (earn badges for participation)
  • User Groups
  • Leaderboard (who are the hottest Dojo members?)
  • Private Messages

Ultimately, the Dojoverse will be much more flexible and we will be able to grow and add features that we never could in the traditional app store confines.

Please join us in the Dojoverse and start working on your first belt and badge today!

FYI – For best results, open your browser to and add it as a home screen icon on your phone.

One more thing… the Dojoverse works perfectly on your laptop or desktop computer, so now you can use either method to explore the Dojo.