The Brotherhood of Camp Camacho

Welcome to the Brotherhood of Camp Camacho!

Smoke your way to become a Blend Master. Unleash your inner savage to earn your rank as a Thrill Seeker. Test your knowledge to become the Original Corojo Crusader.

We welcome you to join the Camacho brotherhood by rising to the challenge to earn bold badges and shields in the Camacho community that manifest the DNA of “Where Bold is Born.” You will be immersed in the intensity and unconventional craftmanship that is experienced in our state-of-the-art Camp Camacho factory trip that tests both grit and knowledge. In moving through the ranks, you can earn your place on the Camp Camacho wall and rise to the biggest challenge of all – be initiated into the Camacho Board of the Bold.

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Camp Camacho is not a race, but an experience, unique to each cigar hobbyist. Regardless of your prior experience with Camacho cigars, your Camp Camacho journey begins NOW. Only check into cigars that you are currently smoking and start collecting your badges, shields, and points today.


Camp Camacho shields group 1

Earn these 2 shields
Get your name on the Camp Wall

Camp Camacho shields group 2

Earn all 4 shields
Be admitted into the Board of the Bold

Shields & Badges

Camp Camacho Blendmaster shield

Blendmaster Shield
Earn the following badges

Camp Camacho Strength and Character badge

Strength and Character Badge
User earns this when they have at least 1 cigar check-in (with a photo) on four different cigars: Camacho Nicaragua, Connecticut, Corojo, & Ecuador

Camp Camacho Factory Unleashed badge

Factory Unleashed Badge
User must check into (with photo) the Camacho Factory Unleashed cigar at least 5 times

Camp Camacho Barrel-Aged badge

Barrel-Aged Badge
User must have at least 1 check-in (with photo) on BOTH of these cigars: Camacho American Barrel-Aged and Camacho Nicaraguan Barrel-Aged

Camp Camacho Treasure Hunter badge

Treasure Hunter Badge
User must have checked into at least 5 Camacho cigars that are marked as limited editions

Camp Camacho Corojo Crusader shield

Corojo Crusader Shield
Earn the following badges

Camp Camacho Knowledge Quest badge

Knowledge Quest Badge
User has to watch Camacho video(s) and complete short quiz(es) and post results to timeline (must score at least 89%)

Camp Camacho Experience Warrior badge

Experience Warrior Badge
User has to complete a virtual Camacho seminar (Virtual Event)

Camp Camacho Ambassador of Bold shield

Ambassador of Bold Shield
Earn the following badges

Camp Camacho Live Loud badge

Live Loud Events Badge
User has to check into at 3 Camacho events (events can occur at retail locations or virtually)

Camp Camacho Trekker badge

Trekker Badge
User has to check into 3 Camacho outposts (places)

Camp Camacho Thrill Seeker shield

Thrill Seeker Shield
Earn the following badges

Camp Camacho Outdoor Savage badge

Outdoor Savage Badge
User has to check into 3 Camacho cigars, along with 3 photos of them doing an outdoor activity, and include hashtag #outdoorsavage (case sensitive).

Camp Camacho Grill and Chill badge

Grill and Chill Badge
User has to check into 3 Camacho cigars, along with 3 photos of them Grilling and Chilling, and include hashtag #grillandchill (case sensitive). Users are encouraged to post recipes from the Camacho #grillandchill cookbook with their Camacho cigars, or their own grilling favorite pairings

Camp Milestones

Optional bonus awards

Welcome to Camp Camacho

Join Camp Camacho

Camp Camacho 10x Event Check-in milestone

10 event check-ins

Camp Camacho 20x Camacho Outpost milestone

20 Camacho Outpost location check-ins

Camp Camacho 100x Login milestone

100 Camp Camacho app logins

Camp Camacho 100x Cigar Post milestone

100 cigar check-ins